Dream it, Wish it, Realize it.

Hippie pagan writer from Morocco. I'm Mounir from Agadir, 21 years old, I love life have a huge heart to a fault, Would love to spend my life traveling never look back,
I'm not very good at introducing myself, so if you want to know me send me a message :D

Ask, Ask, Ask and ask about anything, and I promise you I'm going to answer however the question is =D

I would love to learn about different Languages, people & cultures. I will definitely help you if you are interested in knowing about my country too. Feel free to ask!

Looking for penpals. Snailmails preferred. Contact me for address.

I am interested in meeting various, interesting people. But beside this everyone is welcome!

I can help you with whatever you need! Good at listening, not bad at talking and willing to put a smile on Your face! :)

Feel free to talk, I'm a Vampire! Really? Yeah you've a problem?!

If not, thanks for reading and have a fantastic day!
Dream it, Wish it, Realize it.